Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make payments?

We are now accepting Advance Care Cards if you would like to apply the link is below. Up to 14 months interest free!

Can I get any procedures if I’m pregnant or breast feeding?

Most of our procedures have not been proven safe of women who are pregnant or breast feeding. We do have a limited menu that is safe.

How does laser hair removal work?

During the procedure, the pigment within your hair absorbs the light (energy) and converts it into heat (energy). The hair transmits this heat energy into the hair follicle. The follicle is damaged without damaging the epidermis. Thus, the damaged follicle loses the ability to produce a new hair strand in the future.

Is laser hair removal permanent?

The hair follicle that is targeted by the laser with each treatment will be destroyed without any future hair growth. However, as men and women age and go through hormonal changes, the ability to grow “new” hair is always possible.

Are there restrictions before or after laser treatments?

With laser hair removal, you can return to normal activities immediately after treatment. However, stay out of the sun and tanning beds for a minimum of two weeks prior and after treatment.

Darkening of the skin can increase the risk of blistering and discoloration after treatment. No hot baths, jogging, or vigorous exercise is recommended for five days post vein treatments. Only limited sun exposure is allowed. No sun exposure is preferable.

How many treatments are required?

Based on the hair growth cycle, laser hair removal requires six treatments, six weeks apart. The exact number of vein treatments depends on the size of the vein(s), age, skin type, and many other factors.

How do vein treatments work?

The laser light penetrates into the skin, raising the temperature of the blood vessel and safely sealing it off. The laser causes no actual damage to the overlying skin. However, temporary bruising or darkening of the skin may appear. This will disappear in several days to weeks. Treated veins gradually shrink and become less visible or disappear altogether.

How much downtime will I have after treatment?

Downtime differs from person to person. It also depends on the type of treatment. Average downtime for rejuvapen micro needling is 48-72 hours of redness. After 48 hours, you can wear makeup again to cover.

For perfect peeling, two-three days of redness is observed, followed by two-three days of mild to normal peeling of the skin. The third and fourth days can typically be worst, heavy peeling of the skin is observed. However, skin peeling is totally painless. Usually, if peeling is desired on the weekend, we would do the peel on Wednesday. Pixel varies by depth and energy of treatment. To get the best results and to minimize downtime, we suggest our clients to be well hydrated prior to the treatment. Typically the downtime for the entire process is 48-72 hours for redness and 5-7 days for complete healing. Have any questions? Speak with our consultant. Contact Us

Cancellation/No Show Policy

We utilize a “3 strike” policy for existing clients. If you cancel within 48 hours of your appointment, are more than 10 minutes late, or no call/no show that will be considered a strike. After your third strike you will be required to give us a credit card to hold your appointment and if it happens again, you will be charged accordingly. We understand and appreciate that some things are out of our control, thus the 3 chances.

  • Botox $50
  • Product Consultations $50
  • Microneedling $100
  • Peels $50
  • Fillers $100
  • Laser Services $100
  • Facials/Microdermabrasions $50
  • Radiofrequency Services $100

New clients will be required to pay a $50 consultation fee upon booking. This is a non-refundable fee. If that appointment is cancelled within less than 48 hours, you are more than 10 minutes late, or no call/no show that fee will be forfeited. As long as the appointment is rescheduled more than 48 hours out or kept, that fee will be applied as a credit to a service or a product.